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“Jerusalem of Gold” vs. “The Yellow Fleet”

“Jerusalem of Gold” vs. “The Yellow Fleet”

Monday 03.04.17   -  Friday 30.06.17 
Art Cube Artists' Studios
26 HaOman St., 4th floor, Talpiot , Industrial Zone, Jerusalem


One of two exhibitions hosting Polish artists at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios is the product of Krzysztof Gutfrański and Radek Szlaga’s stay at the Artists’ Studios residency LowRes.

The opening night will feature performances that will offer their cover versions to “Jerusalem of Gold,” a special homemade vodka making machine, and “karaoke”.


“Jerusalem of Gold” vs. “The Yellow Fleet”

Krzysztof Gutfrański and Radek Szlaga

Curator: Maayan Sheleff


“Jerusalem of Gold” vs. “The Yellow Fleet” is the product of Krzysztof Gutfrański and Radek Szlaga’s stay at the Artists’ Studios residency program LowRes Jerusalem. The residency invites artists to engage in research and actions that respond to Jerusalem’s social and political realm. The two wish to address an incident that took place in 1967, when 15 cargo ships from different countries were stuck for eight years in the Suez Canal between Egypt and Israel. They became known as “The Yellow Fleet, due to the desert sand that covered them . Over the years the crew on board the ships formed an autonomy under the name: “Great Bitter Lake Association”, held their own Olympic games and in fact became an independent micro-nation. The decision to hold alternative Olympics was taken after they were unable to listen to the results of the official 1968 Mexico City Olympics on the radio, when Israel took over all the frequencies and played the song “Jerusalem of Gold” over and over again. Interestingly, the fleet’s yellow and Jerusalem’s gold, which symbolize the “Great Bitter Lake Association” utopian micro-nation and the myth of unified Jerusalem, have both become metaphors for ideal imaginary communities. During their stay in Jerusalem, Krzysztof and Radek wish to explore the event as a starting point that is simultaneously documentary and fictional, which touches on the 50th anniversary of the Six Days War. They will meet with different experts and explore archive materials while raising questions on nationality, utopia, unity, and isolation.


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Art Cube Artists' Studios
Art Cube Artists' Studios
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