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There have been two opinions emerging in the discussions about Polish theatre in the recent years. The first claim is that after a short political break brought by the 1989 breakthrough, theatre again started to take on social obligations. "Freedom" turned out to be a civic project not having much in common with the spiritual or merely economic liberation. It also became clear that in the new reality, an individual is inextricably bound with everything that is social, political and hence these aspects cannot be separated or ignored.

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Polish Theater/Dance

The theatrical archipelago on planet Poland

Ten years have passed since the historic turning point of 1989 with far-reaching consequences not just in political life. The change in the system and the return of democratic freedoms had to have an influence on Polish theatrical life. Theatre - a live art happening only in the here and now - always resonated very powerfully to, or harmonised with, extra-theatrical reality which, by its very nature, was linked very closely to politics. Stanislaw Wyspianski's WESELE / THE WEDDING RECEPTION in which Poles are constantly observing themselves as if in a mirror, examining their own national, and spiritual, state of health - begins with the line: "Well, sir, what's new in politics?"