אגמי מזוריה - פלא עולמי גרסת הדפסה

The world-famous competition attempting to create a list of 7 natural wonders has been organized by the Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation, which was established by the Swiss traveller Bernard Weber in 2001. Until the end of 2008 the Internet users all over the world voted for over 400 candidates representing 224 countries. Only 261 places from 222 countries were admitted to the next stage of the contest, among them the Great Masurian Lakes.

After the half a year-long campaign it turned out that the Masurian Lakes were a leader in their category (“post-glacial landscapes and formations). Next, the region was put on the list of Top 77 nominees eligible for consideration by the Panel of Experts. Finally, on 21 July 2009 the 28 official Finalist Candidates were revealed, among them the Masurian Lakes.


Thus Masuria has been considered one of the 28 most beautiful places in the world and one of the 5 most beautiful places in Europe.

The voting will continue until mid-2011. You can support the region by voting on the website.


You can now vote using the new international telephone line. Just follow three easy steps:

  1. Dial the number +44 87 218 400 07 (the UK).
  2. Listen to the organizer’s message.
  3. At the end of the message, after the tone, insert the digit code for you chosen nominee.

The code for the Masurian Lakes is 7719.


The Great Masurian Lakes

The lakes are a dream destination for sailors who feel at home on water, but also like to arrive at local ports in order to absorb the unusual atmposphere of the region. With its impressive lakes, picturesque, little towns, busy inns, interesting historic sites, beautiful primeval forests – the Piska Forests and the Borecka Forest – Masuria provides unforgettable adventure, unlimited space and freedom not only to water sports lovers, but also hikers and more and more cyclists. There is no other place where sunsets are so lovely and fish seasoned with sailors’ tales tastes so delicious.

The Great Masurian Lakes are linked by means of a network canals, which altogether makes a 12-kilometre-long water route. Any place of the route could be a starting point of a wonderful expedition across the land.

Worth seeing

  • the swing bridge in Giżycko – one of a few constructions of this kind in Europe;
  • the Teutonic castle in Ryn – the second biggest Teutonic castle, at present converted into a hotel and a conference centre;
  • Kadzidłowo – the Wild Animals Park, many wild species, difficult to spot at large, can be observed from a close distance;
  • the Boyen Fortress – the 19th century defensive complex, consisting of 90 buildings, shelters and fortifications, surrounded by a stone and brick wall;
  • the Masurian Canal – a unique structure famous for its original technical solutions;
  • Wolisko – the Borecka Forest, the Winest Enclosure;
  • the Forestry Management Borki