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סבסטיאן צ'יחוצקי בישראל

סבסטיאן צ'יחוצקי בישראל

רביעי 22.03.17 16:00
בית הנסן
רח' גדליהו אלון 14 , ירושלים


סבסטיאן צ'יחוצקי, האוצר הבכיר וסגן המנהל של המוזיאון לאמנות מודרנית בוורשה, מגיע לביקור חטוף בישראל, ומתארח בתוכנית הקולוקוויום של בצלאל ״אוצרות פתוחת קצה״, בבית הנסן בירושלים.


Art Beyond Art. On the Museum in “Postartistic Times”

Lecture by Sebastian Cichocki, Chief Curator and Deputy Director, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

The lecture is focused on „art beyond art”, artistic practices migrating from the museum capture into such environments as critical cartography, agricultural cooperatives, alternative tourism, and flying universities. What role can be performed by museums and its archive and collections when art is radiating toward non-artistic circles, and, in so doing, loses the characteristics that have previously defined it as art? What happens when they operate on 1:1 scale (as Stephen Wright was defining it)? How do they negotiate between being embedded in non-artistic constituents and claims for artistic value? Those questions are grounded in research of “Making Use. Life in Postartistic Times” at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, which materialized as an evolving, never concluded exhibition, accompanied by the activities in the kitchen, open office, work space, and auditorium.

The lecture is embedded conceptually in Jerzy Ludwiński’s (1930-2000). Being an influential critic and writer participating actively in the conceptual art movement development in Poland, Ludwiński claimed that post-art had an undeniably greater potential than the activities traditionally recognized as artistic. Excavating and following Ludwiński’s hypothesis, the lecture is focused on a search for “postartistic practices”, rethinking conceptual edifices and apparatuses of museum, archive and collection. What happens when an artist’s work does not materialize in the form of an art piece?


Sebastian Cichocki (b. 1975) lives and works in Warsaw, where he is the chief curator and deputy director at the Museum of Modern Art. Selected curated and co-curated exhibitions are the Polish pavilions at the 52nd and 54th Venice Biennales, with Monika Sosnowska (1:1) and Yael Bartana (... and Europe will Be Stunned) respectively, Making Use. Life in Postartistic Times, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2016), Rainbow in the Dark. On the Joy and Torment of Faith, Konstmuseum Malmö (2015), SALT Galata, Istanbul (2014), Zofia Rydet, Record 1978-1990, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2015), Procedures for the Head, Kunsthalle Bratislava (2015), New National Art. National Realism in Poland in the XXIst Century, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2012), Early Years, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2010), Raqs Media Collective, The Capital of Accumulation, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2010), Oskar Hansen. Process and Art 1966-2005, Museum of Modern Art in Skopje, Macedonia. 
Cichocki has been running the Sculpture Park in Bródno, a long-term public art programme initiated in 2009 with Paweł Althamer (including commissions by Ai Weiwei, Olafur Eliasson, Jens Haaning, Susan Philipsz, Monika Sosnowska, and others). He has curated a number of experimental exhibitions in the form of a novel, radio drama, anti-production residency programme, opera libretto or ventriloquist session. He is also an author and co-author of books e.g. A Cookbook for Political Imagination (2011), The Future of Art Criticism as Pure Fiction (2011), Spoken Exhibitions. The Institutional Opera in Three Acts (2011), Earth Works! (2013) and Mirage (2013), as well as residency programs and staged lectures.






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